We Help Asylum Seekers, Detainees & Returnees.

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In 2018, 92k people sought border asylum.
In 2017, that number was only 55,584
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We support migrants and asylum seekers who are at shelters at the Mexico/AZ border, who are currently detained at detention centers, families of those who have been separated and returnees who have been deported to their country of origin with legal aid, basic hygiene items, food, shelter and many more resources.


Salvavision continues to raise awareness through our communities highlighting the humanitarian crises that are currently taking place by speaking at events, colleges, and other organizations. Our focus is to share stories of those we help, what we do at our borders, and the realities of our broken immigration system.


We provide support and provide resources to those who have returned to their countries by providing basic needs and help them reintegrate back into society. We hope to prevent homelessness and the need to take the long dangerous journey to the U.S.

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We think there is a better way to keep our communities strong, and it starts with basic human rights for all.