Supporting Detainees

Currently supporting over 20 + detainees.

Helped release 40+ migrants from La Palma Detention Center in 2020.

Salvavision writes letters weekly to migrants who are currently being detained at La Palma detention center while they wait for their asylum case to be heard in court.

We are able to send letters of hope, encouragement, updates from their families, updates on their case, and include $20 for them to buy phone minutes to call their loved ones and to buy food/hygiene products.

With the help of your donations and our sister organizations (No More Deaths, Raices, National Bail Fund), we are able to fight to get as many migrants released from Detention Centers. These are prison-like facilities and that are not suitale for any person.

We ensure that those who we help release are set up with housing, transportation to their families here in the states, and any additional resources to make sure they are connected with the community and to the help they may need.