Prevention Programs

Salvavision is dedicated to supporting those who have been deported to ensure that they have an opportunity to have a chance at a better future.

Through these programs, our mission is to prevent these individuals from having to take the dangerous and unforgiving journey through the desert.

Mantas Support Group of El Salvador

This program is based in El Salvador in partnership with External Affairs with the goal to provide support to other women who have been deported back to El Salvador. This group comes together to create beautiful mantas to then be able to sell and provide additional income for their families. These women serve as a support system to one another by sharing their experiences, creating friendships and being there for one another.

Wendy leads this program in El Salvador on behalf of Salvavision. While Wendy was waiting to present herself for her asylum
interview with her two-year-old son, Salvavision supported her with aid and legal aid. After waiting for over a year and with the pandemic, Wendy decided to go back to El Salvador.

Salvavision’s Scholarship Program

Since 2017, Salvavision has been awarding scholarships to returnees in El Salvador to help them integrate back into the community by providing them with financial aid and a path towards higher education.

Karla (pictured above) is a single mom who attempted the journey to the U.S. Karla unfortunately only made it to Mexico due to medical reasons. She now has been a recipient of our scholarship program for three years. She is now in school to become a social worker.

William (pictured above) also attempted the journey to the U.S., but after he found himself in too many dangerous situations in the desert, Salvavision supported him with financial aid to get him back to El Salvador. William has been connected with the External Affairs and gone through many programs and is currently going through school to become an electrician.