Who We Are

Salvavision is a Tucson, Arizona based organization providing aid and support to refugees, asylum seekers, detainees and returnees who have been deported.

We are committed to providing aid to those seeking asylum while educating and creating opportunities for those in El Salvador in order to prevent individuals from risking their lives navigating the qualms and horrors of the current global migration crisis.

We work for those who are not able to speak out and stand up.

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Core mission

Salvavision’s core mission is to support immigrants who are waiting for asylum at the Mexico border, migrants in shelters/detention centers and migrants who are currently incarcerated in Arizona. We provide resources such as legal aid, clothing donations, hygiene items, and other supplies to benefit to those in need.

Dora Rodriguez and Scott Warren meeting with Joaquin Castro and members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as part of the Amnesty International delegation in 2019.

Our core initiative in conjunction with the Salvadorean external affairs program El Salvador es Tu Casa focuses on helping El Salvadorans to become financially stable in order to prevent emigration out of the country. We help those who have been returned to El Salvador by connecting migrants in finding employment, education and other resources to help them build a future in their home country.

Our history

Salvavision was founded by the Arizona/New Mexico counsel and the external affairs authorities in 2016. The vision of our founders was to create a community that would help and support immigrants that have been returned to El Salvador by providing opportunities for them through job creation in order for them to be able to provide for themselves and their loved ones.