Good News

UPDATE: Back in June we posted about Ana and her husband Erik who are asylum seekers from Cuba

Ana came with her husband and presented themselves at the border for asylum where they did pass their credible interview, but then were separated. Her husband has been in detention for 6 months waiting for his appeal for his asylum and Ana was sent to Texas with no resources. Salvavision with the support of your donations was able to bring her to Tucson this last weekend from

Texas! We were able to set her up with housing, food, and other resources. Special thank you to Casas Alitas for all your donations!

While we are still fighting for Erik to be released, we are one step closer to reuniting this family! 

We are still in need of baby resources such as clothing, food, diapers, etc. Please email us or DM to coordinate donation drop off pick up. Or DONATE using link in bio

*We made sure Ana was safe and healthy before traveling and meeting with Salvavision*