Meet Fransico a young migrant only 24 from El Salvador who has been in detention at La Palma for the past 6 months. Here he has been seeking protection from prosecution in El Salvador by the violent gangs. Fransisco’s best friend died trying to flee the same gangs in El Salvador last year in the hot AZ desert.

We are joining forces as a community to help Francisco get out of detention by assisting him with his newly given bond of $7,000.  This young man has a heart of pure kindness and as Salvavision Rescue has been with him through his entire journey of trying to get asylum, we are here with him while he waits for his asylum case to be heard and to be able to be free and start a new life.

With the help of other organizations such as No More Deaths,Keeping Tucson Together and the  Samaritans we will rally together to help Fransicio make his bond. 

We appreciate you and please donate what you can- anything helps. We can’t thank our community and donors for your continuous generosity. Please share with your own communities and help Francisco find freedom and safety. 

Once Fransicso is out on bond, Salvavision Rescue will be working with him to find a host family while he waits for his court hearing. Please visit our website and Facebook page to learn more about our mission and programs and other ways you can help our fellow migrant brothers and sisters.